MY STORY - Headshots are great but I wanted to share this picture with you because it really speaks to who I am. This was taken on a mountain hiking trip while doing a show in Denver. Honestly, I'm deathly afraid of heights and I'm not much of an outdoors girl but I decided to overcome my fear and break out of my comfort zone and attempt hiking. It was one of the best experiences in my life. That's pretty much how I live my life, if an opportunity arises or intrigues me, I go for it. That same attitude brought me to New York.

I'm originally from the Imperial Valley Desert along the California/Mexico Border. "The Valley" is an agricultural oasis and cultural desert. My mother did the best she could to instill some culture in her two daughters. My fondest memory as a child was going to the movies with my mother and little sister. I loved the movies!!! So much going on in the rest of the world, so much excitement, people falling in love.... Plus, the movie theater was air-conditioned; a very important amenity when you live in 120 degree weather. At the time, acting seemed like a pipe dream, something completely out of reach for someone like me who lived so isolated from the rest of world. I needed to get away.

Education was my way out. I collected all the scholarships I could and hauled myself to UC Davis, a whole 12 hour drive away from home. My mother was devastated. A had a brief stint as an animal biologist (I love animals) and then decided that I wanted to help other isolated individuals (socially, economically, you name it) and I received my B.S. in Community & Regional Development. THE CITY! That's where I wanted to go. In Northern California that means San Francisco.  I landed a job at the Mission Economic Development Association where I helped mostly immigrant Spanish speaking entrepreneurs start or grow their own businesses (did I mention I'm completely bilingual). Non profit work doesn't always pay the bills so I did a little print work on the side. Which lead me to commercials and voiceover work. I was an actor! Well, not exactly. I enjoyed this type of work and it was very lucrative but I wasn't satisfied. I realized that the pipe dream that I had as a child could become reality. Again, education helped me move forward. I came to New York City to study theater. My mother was terrified!

MY WORK - HB Studio was my first acting home and gave me my theatrical debut in a staged reading of The Seven Year Clause directed by Rasa Allan-Kazlas. The more theater I did the more I wanted to learn, so I attended Brooklyn College, CUNY where l received my MFA Acting degree. I've since become a member of Actors' Equity through my participation in Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company's production of Kita y Fernanda by Tanya Saracho and continued working regionally with the World Premiere of Just Like Us by Karen Zacarias at the Denver Center Theatre. My involvement in readings at The Public Theater and The Jewish Plays Project feeds my passion for new play development.  I'm looking forward to moving into the areas of Film and Television and have been involved in several independent shorts. I've also written and starred in a short film that is currently in post-production and was produced by Subway Token Films, a web short called Sh*t Waiters Say about my trials as a server in NYC and an extremely personal piece for the Listen to Your Mother reading series. I am proud to be in New York for 12 years. I currently live with my partner, the talented jazz singer Marcelino Feliciano and our two cats in Manhattan.